Shipping - Where do you ship to? How much is shipping? How long does it take?

We deliver products Australia wide using various delivery methods which is dependent on your location. Our current delivery providers are our own delivery services, Australia Post and a number of courier companies.

Shipping charges are dictated by your order total.
Orders are dispatched within (2) business days. Shipping times are estimated at between (3) and (7) business days depending on your location. All prices are in $AUD. We do not ship internationally. Shipping Prices are listed Below Order Total Shipping Charges -----------------------------------------
$1 - $34.99 $8
$35 - $69.99 $12
$70 - $139.99 $15
$140 & up $25

What cause does IIWFTC and this website support?

This website and business supports at-risk and highly vulnerable youth through programs, which create pathways to employment and connection to community. For more information please visit this page to read how we (and you) can make a positive impact to our community through the supportting this website.

I heard IIWFTC operates a cafe, where is it?

Our cafe is located in Mt Druitt, NSW at; IIWFTC Cafe 9 Ayres Grove, Mount Druitt, NSW, Australia, 2770 PH: 02 8886 2005 Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 8.30am - 2pm

What payment methods are available on this website?

Visa and Mastercard are the two payment methods currently available on this website.

Who's Whitelion?

Whitelion is our parent organisation who make this social enterprise, If It Wasnt For This Coffee possible. For full details on our cause, cafe and the supporting stucture behined our business please view our about us page.

How can I support Whitelion and the IIWFTC social enterprise program?

We are always looking for ways to work with businesses and individuals who want to support our enterprise. Visit theis page for an information sheet on how you can get your workplace or team involved.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best grind for me?

FRENCH PRESS Easy to find, easy to do, French Press is the old faithful of the home baristas. You can make a large amount at a time and please a crowd. 10 minutes is all you need & you have a steaming cup of caffeinated goodness. Requires a Coarse grind. ESPRESSO MACHINE Brewing under pressure! Whether a commercial grade machine or at home, this produces a beautiful result with triple layered crema...classic! Requires a Fine grind. MOKA POT The quickest way to beautiful Italian style coffee, this stovetop brewer will keep you going all day. Bellissimo! Requires a Fine grind. FILTERED/CHEMEX The no-fuss way to a beautiful brew. Cold or hot, this method is easy for beginners, and there are so many options for equipment. Requires a Medium to Coarse grind. COLD BREW Much like the filtered/pour over method, you're adding cold water to the grind and letting gravity do its work. Leave overnight for best results - patience is a virtue! Added bonus of cold brew, you bring out more subtle notes in the coffee's taste and aroma. Requires a Medium grind. POD MACHINE Fortunately our delicious coffee blend is already available to purchase in a pod form from our Shop.
Just pop the pod inside, sit back and let the machine do the hard work for you.

What can I do with my old coffee grinds?

Just by sprinkling some of the grounds around your plants, mixing into the soil, or creating a spray fertiliser with some water can boost the health and growth of the garden. COMPOST AND FOOD FOR WORMS Coffee grounds have the power to stabilise the pH levels and degrade food more quickly. They're also great for masking the smell! SELFCARE AT HOME
Indulge yourself and smell amazing by scrubbing the coffee grounds over your body and rinse off. This will help remove dead skin cells without irritating the skin. Or enjoy silky hair by rubbing grounds through and rinsing out with cold water. HOUSEHOLD CLEANING The leftover coffee grounds can also be repurposed as nifty hacks to keep your house clean. A mixture of hot water and coffee grounds poured down your sink drain can help unclog it. Or placing dry grounds wrapped in cloth on your fridge shelf can absorb strong odours.

What are the different types of coffee?

The humble cappuccino is made from an espresso shot and warm frothy milk. Similarly made like the latte but the micro foam is at least 2-3cm on top and dusted with chocolate powder. LATTE
The latte, the art canvas for many baristas, is made with an espresso shot and warm foamed milk. It has 1cm of micro foam on the top, mostly swirled into a leaf pattern. FLAT WHITE
The flat white milk is very similar to the cappuccino except there is no froth or chocolate on top. The is simply made with an espresso shot and warm milk. LONG BLACK
The long black is a very simple yet subtle way to enjoy the strong taste of the blend. It's made by pouring an espresso shot over hot water.

What are the most popular coffee orders?

Coffee espresso mixed with chocolate powder/syrup, and topped off with frothy milk and sprinkled with chocolate powder.

Similar to an espresso but it has less water therefore its a more concentrated and darker extraction.
A simple shot of coffee to enjoy the pure extract flavour of the bean.
Very similar to a cappuccino, only smaller and stronger. It's made by placing warm milk froth onto an espresso shot.
Simply put, the piccolo is a smaller version of a latte, made in an espresso glass. Allowing for a stronger hit and taste of coffee with less milk.
A delicious and simple dessert of pouring a single or double shot of coffee over a scoop of ice cream.

Where do our IIWFTC beans come from?

Our beautiful 3 bean blend with origins of Vietnam, Brazil and Uganda. Our 100% Fair-trade and Organic certified blend showcases traceable coffee from Peru and Indonesia.

What are the IIWFTC tasting notes?

Sweet milk chocolate base, full buttery body, with a caramel finish. Our 100% Fair-trade and Organic certified blend has bold fruit, nut and red wine flavours, a full body, and a refined aftertaste.

Is the IIWFTC suitable for milk coffees or black coffee?

These beans are a medium roast, perfect for however you like your coffee. Robust enough for a long black or espresso shot; smooth enough for a prefect latte.​

How long do coffee beans last?

4 to 6 weeks.

How should I store my coffee beans for maximum freshness?

Oxygen is the enemy of coffee bean freshness! Keep your beans in an airtight container, in the pantry, away from heat and light for up to 6 weeks.

Which pod machines are IIWFTC pods suitable for?

Our coffee pods fit most common types of domestic pod machines.