Where do our IIWFTC beans come from?
Our beautiful 3 bean blend with origins of Vietnam, Brazil and Uganda. Our 100% Fair-trade and Organic certified blend showcases traceable coffee from Peru and Indonesia.

What are the IIWFTC tasting notes?
Sweet milk chocolate base, full buttery body, with a caramel finish. Our 100% Fair-trade and Organic certified blend has bold fruit, nut and red wine flavours, a full body, and a refined aftertaste.

Is the IIWFTC suitable for milk coffees or black coffee?
These beans are a medium roast, perfect for however you like your coffee. Robust enough for a long black or espresso shot; smooth enough for a prefect latte.

Do you ship Australia wide?
Yes, we do!

How soon can I expect my delivery?
Sending to NSW: Metro - up to 3 business days, Country - up to 5 business days
Sending interstate: Metro - up to 3-6 business days

How long do coffee beans last?
4 to 6 weeks

How should I store my coffee beans for maximum freshness?
Oxygen is the enemy of coffee bean freshness! Keep your beans in an airtight container, in the pantry, away from heat and light for up to 6 weeks.

Which pod machines are IIWFTC pods suitable for?
Our coffee pods fit most common types of domestic pod machines

How do I get in touch with IIWFTC?
Please feel free to use our Contact fill out box above so that we may assist you as soon as possible.

How do I order catering for my function?
Please use our Contact fill out box or email the cafe at iiwftc@whitelion.asn.au for any catering/function enquiries in Mount Druitt NSW.

What cause does IIWFTC support?
Whitelion supports at-risk and highly vulnerable youth through programs, which create pathways to employment and connection to community. For more information please visit our website www.whitelion.asn.au

Where is the IIWFTC Cafe located?
Our cafe is located at 9 Ayres Grove, Mount Druitt, NSW inside The Blacktown City Council HUB.

Payment Methods

We accept credit and debit cards


Please contact:

1300 669 600



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